Kilted Dragon Brewing’s Unique Beer

Eight hand-crafted beers on tap at Kilted Dragon Brewing

Kilted Dragon Brewing Highland Honey Dirty BlondeDirty Blonde Highland Honey

This is Blonde Ale with a little more dirtiness and sass than you see in a normal blonde. Golden in color, it has a slight hint of hops with a honey finish. Designed to be the ‘drinkable’ brew in our lineup, it still competes with the big beers for flavor without the heaviness. This is not your buddy’s light beer by any means. Our Blonde is a simple, yet memorable, highland ale that will quench your thirst.

Dirty Blonde Highland Honey 5% ABV / 19 IBUs

“What can I say? I love a dirty blonde from Garden City … I am always attracted to a brewery’s blonde, but I soon tire of the flavor after a few sessions and that is what impresses me about KDB’s Blonde … you don’t tire of the flavor and it is a perfect beverage for a large gathering where you’ll have those domestic beer drinkers, who in most cases are too afraid to stray from their old-hat, light beer paths”
—Pat Whitmer, Billings, Montana

Kilted Dragon Brewing Knuckle Dragger PorterKnuckle Dragger Porter

This Porter is Kilted Dragon Brewing’s flagship brew recipe and is not your typical Porter. The Knuckle Dragger introduces a bold class flavor with a unique banana blend that compliments the chocolate, brown sugar and roasted malt base. Styled in the format of the American Porters of the 20th century, the added twist of banana is unheard of and separates our Porter.

Knuckle Dragger Porter  6% ABV / 25 IBUs

“I don’t know what kind of funny monkey business these guys have going on at the brewery, but whatever it is has got me loving this Port … and I’m not a big fan of most Porters … but dang that dash of banana!”
—Luke Archer, Bozeman Montana

Kilted Dragon Brewing Blue Steel IPABlue Steel IPA

Our standard IPA satisfies the hop lovers taste buds and leaves a smooth finish. This beer has a modest bitterness level despite the large hops profile and there is a substantial hop addition. Although not an imperial IPA, this brew will remind you that you’re drinking a Northwest U.S. IPA with a crisp, eye opening experience.

Blue Steel – IPA = 7% ABV / 88 IBUs

“I don’t care for too much bitter hopiness in an IPA … it has been difficult to find a beer that fits my personal preferences like the Blue Steel IPA from Kilted Dragon Brewing … it tastes like an IPA, but for me, there’s not too much hop and not too little … it’s a good taste design right up the middle”
—Dale Hardin, Caldwell Idaho

Kilted Dragon Brewing Wise Heff HefeweizenWise Heff Hefeweizen

This is our true German Hefeweizen that we don’t recommend with fruit. This Heff is not too sweet with a subtle smell that serves as the perfect light year-round beer that is refreshing and makes for an appropriate session beer. We had the ladies in mind for this brew and they are always first to order, but the men still gather. Again, as a beautiful Heff modeled in true German style, there is no fruit necessary. However if you insist try a slice of orange and contemplate the combination. You’ll be wiser for it.

Wise Heff - Hefeweizen 5% ABV / 12 IBUs

“My wife and I enjoy light beers on tap, especially Heffy’s in the summertime when we are boating and barbecuing on our lake … those Kilted Dragon fellas know what the hell they are doing, is all I have to say … oh and forget the fruit, this beer doesn’t need anything else in it.”
—Chadwick Leakey, Knightstown, Indiana

Kilted Dragon Brewing Frost Bridge Scottish AleFrost Bridge Scottish Ale

A classic Scottish Ale without the use of many hops as they were scarce and expensive at the time. This Scotch Ale is brewed towards that tradition of a smooth and complex malt Ale that is easy to drink and full of flavor. Dark and rich in color, the traditional recipes pull from Scottish highlanders and Norse history that include hints of cocoa, coffee and a special blend of sweet that the journeymen of Valhala looked forward to upon their return home.

Frost Bridge – Scottish Ale 6% ABV / 16 IBUs

“I enjoy all of KDB’s beer flavors I’ve sampled, but the Frost Bridge meets my taste buds perfectly as I prefer smoother Ales over the bitterness of hoppy brews … this ale tastes sophisticated, goes down like silk and gets me reaching for a fine cigar.”
—Dustin Bennett, Ephrata, WA

Hand and a half oatmeal stout made with Dawson Taylor Coffee SumatraHand & A Half Oatmeal Stout made with Dawson Taylor’s Sumatra

Our oatmeal stout is a deeply rich and luxurious experience that includes hints of roasted Sumatra coffee from Dawson Taylor. The outcome is a very silky and smooth stout, with slight hints of Oatmeal, cream and a coffee flavor that is apparent but not overbearing. If you enjoy stouts, flavor thickness and coffee flavor, you have found your match.

Hand & a Half – Oatmeal Stout = ~8% ABV / ~26 IBUs

“I’m a creamy stout fan and love a thick foam head on an ice cold pint glass … and I’ll tell you my first stout was a Guinness and my last was the Kilted Dragon Hand and a Half … touché dragon dudes, touché.”
—Andy Rahn, Bozeman, Montana

Kilted Dragon Brewing Dragons Kaber Imperial IPADragon’s Kaber Imperia IPA

This Imperial IPA is a pale IPA, but more in the American tradition versus the typical India pale ale. It leaves more malty texture on the palate with a heavier body versus thinner IPAs available. Out IPA’s announcement is powerful and full of hop tang, yet the finish is quenching and clear. A near amber color in appearance, with opaque nature when held to the light, Dragon’s Kaber is a popular IPA among non-hop-lovers and hop heads alike.

Dragon’s Kaber – Imperial IPA 8% ABV / 95 IBUs

“I seek hop flavors of all kinds and always choose the Imperials if on tap … I must say that the Kilted Imperial IPA has a large hop taste at first and then surprisingly ends up leaving the rest of the beer’s flavor as an after taste … no bitter end … impressive.”
—Jerry Knowlton, Nampa Idaho

Kilted Dragon's Bonnie Heather AmberBonnie Heather Amber

This Amber wave of brew is a slower-fermented and richer than a pale ale, but not near a lager or porter. Another easy-sipping beer, this copper-tan colored Amber has a malty subtle spice with a dash of hoppy at the end. Kilted Dragon Brewing’s Bonnie Heather Amber was developed for every season and is not as sweet as other Ambers.

Bonnie Heather Amber 6% ABV / 20 IBUs

“Dam good Amber … I don’t care for the full array of beer flavors and consider myself right up the middle and this tastes exactly like my place.”
—Robert Schlichting, Eugene, Oregon

Kilted Dragon Beer Bad Ass BrunetteBad Ass Brunette Brown Ale

This brown ale has a classic deep amber color with a medium body flavor with dashes of sweetness and hints of fruitiness. This brown ale is a mild beer as a whole, but you’ll note a tingling of hop and historic brown ale taste that has been brewed, altered and enjoyed for centuries.

Bad Ass Brunette Brown Ale 5% ABV / 23 IBUs

“Brown ales have long been my faves and I give this brown two thumbs up … it IS BAD ASS and named appropriately. And did I mention I’m a sucker for Brunettes?”
—Brian Bickham, Nampa, Idaho

KiltedDragon Beer: MoSeMoDo (Monkey See Moneky Do)MoSeMoDo (Monkey See, Monkey Do)

This IPA is tailored to the U.S.A. Pacific Northwest-style IPA with a full volume, big hoppy flavor that is crisp, fresh and snappy. Coming from a single line of hop selection, the flavor bite is unique to the Northwest-grown hop variety.

MoSeMoDo IPA 7% ABV / 68 IBUs

“I don’t care for monkeys, but the first drink of this IPA was the most notable IPA flavor I’ve had in a very long time … there is a lot of attractive flavor in there … it’s far from another bitter, trendy, cookie-cutter IPA.
—Aaron Tuck, Cody Wyoming

Kilted Dragon Belgian Wit SeasonalSeasonal: Belgian Wit

Enjoy the latest Kilted Dragon Seasonal: Belgian Wit” that is tailored in the Belgian White style, that fits the warmer weather of Spring and Summer. Nice and light, this Belgian Wit is a delicious quencher and sips well, ice-cold.

Hints of Coriander and orange make this “Dragon Short Flame” brew a summer delight.

Belgian Wit Seasonal 5% ABV / 20 IBUs

 Customer Review:
“Perfect summer white, not too rich and I don’t think it needs any orange slice … wish we had this beer in my Garden State … I’ll bring a keg for you Dragons to fill on my next trip.”
—Ed Norman, Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Kilted pale Ale by Kilted Dragon BrewingSeasonal: Kilted Pale Ale

This Pale Ale is malty and slightly hoppy with a clear golden color and a flavor that is refreshing and light … everything you would want and expect in a Pale Ale. If you prefer less bitterness (hops) and enjoy a smooth and simple “light” brew, the Dragon’s Pale Ale is perfect.

Kilted Pale Ale Seasonal 4% ABV / 16 IBUs

Customer Review:
“Awesome Pale Ale with more flavor than I expected … love it!”
—Lexi Bauer, Red Lodge Montana